Building Fine Motor Skills

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Building fine motor skills is an important part of any child's development.

Children use fine motor skills whenever they engage in play involving their hands and fingers, such as dressing up dolls, construction toys, and beading.

Children also use fine motor skills for many self-care tasks such as doing buttons, tying shoelaces and eating with cutlery.

However, not all fine motor activities are good for building fine motor skills - some activities just leave kids feeling frustrated because their skills are too poor to complete the activity successfully.

These OT Mom E-books contain a wealth of carefully selected fine motor activities that will help your child to develop their skills with confidence. Most of the activities use resources that are inexpensive and easy to obtain. All the activities have photographs so you can see exactly what I am suggesting.

I have created the scissor skills e-book separately from the main fine motor e-book for those who just want to work on scissor skills. However, if your child's fine motor skills are poor, I really recommend that you get both, as scissor cutting is an integral part of building fine motor skills.

None of the OT Mom E-Books serve as a substitute for an occupational therapy evaluation and treatment. Please read my E-Book Disclaimer for further details.

OT Mom's Fine Motor Activities

This bumper 70 page e-book contains:

12 pages of vital information on building fine motor skills, types of dysfunctional pencil grasps, including a checklist to analyze your child’s pencil grasp;

26 pages of photographed fine motor activities;

22 pages of additional information, including shoulder girdle and core exercises, bilateral coordination exercises and more!

Fine Motor Activities for Kids E-book

For a more detailed breakdown of the contents, please click on the e-book image above.

Single E-Book:
Only $10


Multiple Copies for Organizations:
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Only $30



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OT Mom's Scissor Cutting Skills

This 23 page e-book contains a scissor cutting checklist and 4 pages of photographed common bad habits that kids develop when cutting with scissors.

There are 6 pages packed with photographed activities that will help your child develop scissor cutting skills, plus 5 pages of bilateral coordination activities and additional fine motor ideas.

E-book to Improve Scissor Skills

The scissor cutting skills e-book comes with a free Bonus Cutting Template download that includes lines, basic shapes and some fun cutting activities.

For more details regarding this e-book, please click on the e-book image above.

Single E-Book
(plus Fun Cutting Templates)

Only $5


Multiple Copies for Organizations
(plus Fun Cutting Templates)
What's This?

Only $15



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Honesty Point

If you wade your way through the pages of my website, you will find many of the ideas and activities for free. (Just click on the cutting skills and fine motor skills buttons and follow the links on those pages!)

However, these e-books have compiled most of the fine motor information into inexpensive downloads, to make it easy for you to access, read, print out and refer to the information over and over again for all your children. All for the cost of a couple of coffees...

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Thank you for your interest in my products!

If you have stumbled upon this page by accident, you may be wondering why my e-books are not free! I cannot afford to maintain a website of this caliber without a source of income. However, I have kept the prices as low as possible.

I invite you to explore my website pages to find free activities or a sample of what I offer.

If you desperately need more than that, and genuinely cannot afford to purchase an e-book, then feel free to contact me to explain your situation.

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