Bilateral Coordination Activities

Work on your child's bilateral coordination skills

Does your child struggle with bilateral coordination activities such as threading beads and cutting with scissors? Is it hard for your child to jump and hop, to catch a ball or to clap in time to music? Has your child been diagnosed with poor bilateral integration?

If so, the activities presented in this easy-to-use downloadable OT Mom e-book may help your child to develop these skills, using readily available resources.

This e-book can be used to supplement whatever occupational therapy intervention your child may be receiving, but please be sure to check with your child’s occupational therapist first, before commencing with any activities.

If you are looking for free resources, click on the Coordination Skills button and follow the links for free bilateral activities.

Contents Of This E-Book

  1. Introduction to Bilateral Coordination: 3 pages of vital information on bilateral coordination and how to use the activities
  2. Bilateral Coordination Activities: 16 pages of photographed activities
  3. Appendix: 2 pages of additional information on midline crossing and hand dominance
  4. Four Page Bonus Activity Planner: essential to successfully implementing the activities at home

NOTE: The e-book is in PDF format, which makes it easy to read on your PC or tablet, or to print out as you wish! You need to have Adobe Reader or equivalent.

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Types Of Activities To Choose From

  • Bilateral Activities for Hands and Arms
  • Bilateral Activities for Feet and Legs
  • Bilateral Activities for Arms and Legs Together
  • Bilateral Trampoline Exercises
  • Bilateral Therapy Ball Activities
  • Bilateral Kitchen Activities
  • Bilateral Activities with a Jungle Theme
  • Bilateral Ribbon Activities
  • Bilateral Playdough Exercises

Your Bonus Activity Planner will help you to plan how to use the suggested activities to meet your child’s needs. It will guide you in setting goals for your child and in drawing up a program specifically for your child’s needs.

It is impossible for me to tell each parent where to start, as children have different interests and have been exposed to different levels of stimulation in their lives! But with your  Bonus Activity Planner, you will be able to plan and implement activities that will best help your child.

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Single E-Book:
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Multiple Copies for Organizations:
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How Were These Specific Activities Chosen?

My OT work with children, first in private pediatric practice, then at low-income schools where resources are limited, has inspired the activities in this e-book.

As a mother of 3, one of whom had some coordination delays, I understand first hand the financial restraints that parents face, as well as their desire to give their child the best possible start in life.

With this in mind, I have chosen activities that are easily replicated in the home and use inexpensive everyday resources. As with all the activities on my website, real-life photos accompany the instructions.

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"As a teacher at Foundation Phase Level, I can highly recommend the activities in this e-book. The activities are fun for kids to do, and provide the parent with achievable goals."

Mrs. Sutherland, Grade 2 Teacher
HPS, South Africa

"I am currently supporting children in first grade who have special needs. I am not a qualified teacher and have found OT Mom’s help invaluable. The Bilateral Coordination Activities e-book is well laid out and easy to understand. There are lots of simple, easy and fun activities to do with great photos to help with the instructions!"

C. Roberts
Hermanus, South Africa

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Purchasing Bilateral Coordination Activities

Bilateral Coordination Activities

For the price of a couple of cheap coffees, you can have access to a wealth of bilateral coordination activities that will benefit your child.

Pay with your credit card through PayPal OR with your PayPal account.

Pop over to my E-Book FAQ page for comprehensive answers to questions regarding payment, downloading, use of the e-books and troubleshooting.

Single E-Book:
Only $5


Multiple Copies for Organizations:
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Or Consider A Bundle Deal...

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Why Is This E-Book Not Free?

If you have stumbled upon this page by accident, you may be wondering why OT Mom's E-books are not free! The fact is, I cannot afford to maintain a website of this calibre without a source of income.

I invite you to explore my bilateral coordination activities page on my website if you need free information or a sample of the kind of activities I offer. If you need more than these free resources, then feel free to contact me to explain your situation.

None of the OT Mom E-Books serve as a substitute for an occupational therapy evaluation and treatment. Please read my E-Book Disclaimer for further details.

Thank you for your interest in my E-Books!

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› Bilateral Coordination Activities

› Bilateral Coordination Activities

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